Freya's song endings are like little cliffhangers for the heart. Damn fine stuff. ” - Leona Burkey, Canadian Singer-Songwriter

Freya Milliken is a Canadian singer-songwriter and recent graduate of Acadia University’s School of Music. Originally from Dorchester, New Brunswick, Freya has always appreciated small town life and found another home down the Bay of Fundy in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where she is now based.

Since 2021, Freya has been gaining momentum on the maritime festival scene with her heartfelt and perceptive songs, drawing her audiences in with her soft-spoken voice, intimate musical delivery, and down to earth maturity. She is quickly establishing herself as an emerging musician on the East Coast and will be releasing her debut EP in November 2023. “Wholeheartedly”, the title-track off her upcoming EP, has won SOCAN’s Song of the Year at the 2023 Music New Brunswick Awards.

Freya is grateful to be surrounded by a supportive community of friends, colleagues, educators, fellow artists, and her family, and is thankful to have had access to music programs and educational opportunities since childhood. In addition to performing and songwriting, Freya also works for Music In Communities, a non-profit cooperative which presents live music, promotes music literacy, and supports under-represented voices while strengthening communities through shared musical experiences. 

Much of her work has been focused on presenting and promoting live shows, hosting open jams for youth, and leading an all-ages queer community choir in Wolfville. She is a warm and generous leader with an ability to connect and inspire that belies her young years.

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